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In our 2023 Global Citizenship Report, we've documented the different ways our company is working to fulfill our corporate responsibility goals and have a positive impact on our communities.

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Over 80 years ago, Crawford was founded on the principle of honesty and integrity above all. Our values of respect, empowerment, sustainability, training, One Crawford, recognition and entrepreneurial spirit (RESTORE) are part of everything we do and are embedded in the work we do every day as we deliver on our purpose of restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities. We believe how we do business is just as important as any measurement of financial growth and, in fact, is key to our success.

Crawford is committed to giving back to the communities we serve and responsibly stewarding our resources while promoting an environment where our employees are empowered to grow, emboldened to act and inspired to innovate through internal programs and initiatives.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Crawford, we don’t just talk about inclusion and diversity, we make it an integral part of everything we do. We are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where employees’ unique perspectives and experiences are heard and valued. Crawford values diversity as it fosters innovation, collaboration and new ideas.

We have formalized our commitment to diversity with the establishment of the Office of Inclusion & Diversity. This office is responsible for designing and implementing programs that promote an inclusive culture and focus on achieving the company’s diversity goals. In addition to several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Crawford has also established an employee advisory council (EAC) aligned with our mission to foster a safe and inclusive working environment where employees can bring their authentic selves to work and offer unique experiences and perspectives.

Crawford has long recognized the value of maintaining an inclusive board of directors and management team, proudly celebrating the legacy of Virginia Crawford, the company’s first female director. In present day, Crawford has over 50% representation of women and minorities on its eleven-strong board and proudly joins other leading companies who have taken the important step of including at least three female directors. In addition, our Global Senior Management Team is over 30% women and minorities, and we hope to continue this diverse growth.

Human Capital Development

From its inception, Crawford has led the industry in state-of-the-art training programs that continue to this day through Crawford Educational Services. With oversight from members of our executive leadership team, our Employee Resource Groups provide support to key employee segments: women and people of color. Additionally, our Women Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) program, a high impact e-learning and networking experience, empowers women leaders to achieve their career goals.

To monitor employee satisfaction and engagement, Crawford conducts employee PULSE surveys twice (2x) per year. Out of the over 70% of employees who complete these surveys on average, the feedback received remains positive, further demonstrating our commitment to preserving the morale of our global workforce.


Crawford believes in minimizing our environmental impact and takes meaningful steps to ensure our processes are efficient and sustainable. As part of this, we maintain fuel-efficient car options in our adjuster fleet and have adopted virtual communications platforms across our business to reduce travel and ultimately our carbon footprint.

Community Involvement

We give back to the communities we serve and responsibly steward our resources through donations to causes aligned with our purpose to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities around the world. As a manifestation of their RESTORE values, Crawford employees worldwide join together in service of their respective communities for our annual Global Day of Service. Additionally, through the Crawford Cares, Inc. foundation, our Company provides support to Crawford employees affected by catastrophe or unexpected events or losses.

Data Privacy and Security

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information we collect and providing clear information about how we handle personal information. Crawford maintains an information security program designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Crawford information and information systems. The Crawford information security program is aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and includes the implementation of global information security policies and procedures to protect Crawford information and information systems from unauthorized access, use and other malicious acts.

Crawford has designated the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as the individual responsible for overseeing and implementing the Crawford information security program and enforcing the global information security policies. The CISO provides quarterly updates to the Crawford Board of Directors on the Crawford information security program and material cybersecurity risks.

Crawford conducts internal and external audits of the information security program, policies and controls. An annual cybersecurity risk assessment is conducted to identify and assess internal and external cybersecurity risks that may threaten the security or integrity of information stored on Crawford information systems. Additionally, mandatory cybersecurity training is provided annually for all Crawford employees, and security awareness campaigns are conducted at least quarterly.

Crawford's Global Privacy Office (GPO), led by its Chief Privacy Officer, has strategic and operational responsibility for data privacy and data protection. The GPO is resourced and organized to ensure the policies and compliance processes, technology and physical controls and security we rely upon to govern the collection, use, storage and transfer of personal data all over the world meet statutory and regulatory requirements. Crawford’s approach is to use a coordinated and collaborative approach in managing the contribution of several corporate disciplines — including ethics and compliance, legal, human resources and information and physical security. The GPO is responsible and accountable to advise Crawford’s businesses on best practices in privacy compliance and to develop policies, procedures, training, risk assessment and monitoring programs that enable Crawford to provide personal data protection for its clients, employees and other relevant individuals in all geographies and jurisdictions in which we operate.

For more information surrounding our commitment to data privacy and security, we encourage you to read our enterprise-wide Opens in new window Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand how we treat your personal information and what rights you may have.

Corporate Governance

Crawford is committed to good corporate governance and maintaining the trust of our investors and other stakeholders including our employees, clients and vendors. We also know that good corporate governance is vital to meeting our performance goals by ensuring that our governing processes run smoothly and efficiently, that fair and reasoned debate ensues on all significant corporate issues, and that we are prepared to adequately and timely meet the challenges and opportunities posed in our corporate environment. Read more on our Governance Documents page.

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To discover more about our ESG initiatives, please visit our company’s Opens in new window Social Responsibility page.



Disclaimer: all information about Crawford’s ESG initiatives is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Crawford does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and/or accuracy of this information. Statements about Crawford’s standards or goals are not guarantees or promises and events may arise that could cause material deviations from stated standards or goals. Any statistical information used is based on Crawford’s belief and has not been independently audited.